Friday, June 18, 2010

The Begining

October 2008 - For my daughter's 2nd birthday I decided to make her cake. She wanted an Abby Cadabby cake.
So I went to my local Micheals store and stocked up with what I needed. Looking at the pan & instructions I thought "doesn't look too bad, I could do this!" I did a practice cake just to be sure I know what I was getting into and it was kind of fun. The party cake came out pretty well considering I had never done anything like that before.

It was just the beginning. While shopping for the supplies the sales person suggested I take the Wilton cake decorating class. Hmmm, sounds interesting... although after some research the classes didn't fit my schedule at the time. Maybe someday...

October 2009 - Then came her 3rd birthday. Now she wanted a princess/pirate party. So I got online and started looking for ideas and came up a doll cake and pirate cupcakes.

The doll cake wasn't too bad. Although how do I cover the doll body with icing? Fondant! Never used it before, but hey why not? Wilton's brand was hard but softened up after awhile and it tasted nasty. Overall I think it turned out pretty good. Although my daughter's reaction was "I don't like it. I want Cinderella." Deep breath.... "Well, maybe next year sweetie."

Now on to the pirate cupcakes. More fondant for the bandannas. Color the icing a skin tone. Draw eye, patch and smile. They could have been neater, but they were kind of cute. The kids loved them and that's all that mattered.

Maybe I will look int0 those Wilton courses...

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