Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chocolate Heaven

There is an excellent chocolate shop in my neighborhood - Antoine Amrani Chocolates. All natural and made on site, these are the best chocolates I've tasted. They offer one day classes in the factory along side Chef Antoine himself.

In the class I took we made a Caramel Chocolate Mousse Cake. Yumm! The class started with a tour of the facility where we got to see some chocolate being made. Then we got to sample some - delicious!!!

Back in the kitchen we went to work. Chef Antoine did most of the work making the cake batter and the mousse. He explained all the steps along the way and some of us helped with the mixing & pouring of ingredients. Then, just like on TV, he brought out pre-baked cakes that we got to assemble. Those were then wisked away to chill and we got to play with some chocolate!

Chef Antoine showed us how to make some chocolate curls, use decals, and disco dust. He poured some chocolate on the table in front of us and we got to make our own. While those went into the freezer to set the chilled cakes came back out and we made a chocolate lace collar to go around it. Then we got to airbrush the top. Our chocolate decorations come out of the freezer and we put them on our cakes.

And this is what I produced!

I can't wait to take another class. Maybe in August when they do a chocolate mocha cake...

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