Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence Day Treats

Red, white and blue cake - lots of it. I started out making a red, white and blue checker board cake (which I was going to cover in red fondant). But I had so much batter left over that I made red, white and blue cupcakes as well.

I decorated the cupcakes first (it was late and they seemed the easiest to tackle). Added a stripe of red color to the decorating bag, added the white icing and went to work. What I got was not quite what I had envisioned but it was ok. So did it again with blue - pretty cute.

Now on to the cake. My original my idea was to cover it in red fondant with white fondant stars (there is close to 10 lbs of red fondant in my house - don't ask). But after the cake was iced I chickened out. I was not ready to roll out all of that fondant and get it on the cake. So, I just cut out red & blue stars and placed them on the cake.

Now to cut it open and see how the checker board came out... pretty good if I do say so myself.

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